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Why Should you Call us for Maintenance of Your Ductless Min Split? Consider These Reasons...

Ductless Mini Split heating products are known for their high quality, our professional ductless mini split service expertise is on par. This is why South Island Mechanical continues to be highly reviewed. Our view is that a maintenance is not only cleaning a system, but to also ensure that we do our best to prolong its life and maximize efficiency.  Cleaning a system on routine intervals can prevent buildup of airborne contaminants including bacteria and mould. In combination with a shortened lifespan from the restricted air flow, the ductless unit could be contaminating your home. On countless occasions we open a malfunctioning unit and find how infrequently it was maintained. Poorly executed maintenance leads to unnecessary, avoidable malfunctions and extra expenses.

Our Mini Split Ductless Service Calls Provide:

Check, clean and change filters

Inspection and deep cleaning for mould and bacteria

Inspect and clean housing

Check electrical components for wear


Heating element inspection

Check air flow

Check exterior of unit for blockage

Check and program controls

We Service, Repair and Replace All Manufacturers of Ductless Mini Split Units

Mitsubishi Electric
Bosch Thermo
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