Victoria BC Direct Vent and Ventless Gas Fireplace Maintenance

We offer annual service and repair of all gas fireplaces to Victoria and surrounding areas 



Home space heating is often accomplished with gas fireplaces in Victoria and due to seasonal use, routine maintenance is required.  Has your pilot light gone out? Does your fireplace smell awful? We can assist in relighting, cleaning and optimizing combustion along with a full inspection to keep your living room warm all winter.

gas fireplace service victoria
gas fireplace service victoria



Gas fireplace maintenance and repair can be daunting, we have training and expertise to complete your service without danger.  Natural gas fireplace repair must be completed by a qualified technician to comply with building and safety codes.  Call us before attempting a repair or maintenance today.

Our Gas Fireplace Service Calls Provide:

✓Clean Glass with fireplace glass cleaner

✓Inspect FP glass for cracks, chips, damage

✓Vacuum Inside and out of FP

✓Pull, clean, and inspect burners

✓Check operation of burner control

✓Test, clean, inspect and check operation thermocouple

✓Test, clean, inspect and check operation of power-pile

✓Test operation of gas valve

✓Check venting for signs of failure

✓Check incoming gas pressure to verify it is within safe limits

✓Check gas manifold pressure to insure gas valve is within safe limits

✓Test and operate thermostat and or FP control mechanism

✓Test operation of fan (if applicable)

✓ Check operation of all safeties

✓Check for levels of CO(carbon monoxide)

✓Inspection of logs and log assembly is correct

✓Insure door gasket is safe and intact

✓Check entire FP for any gas leaks

✓Finally check safe operation of unit after completion of maintenance and note any recommendations

We Service, Repair and Replace All Manufacturers of Gas Fireplaces

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