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We are geothermal service and repair ambassadors for many areas of South Vancouver Island.  Energy efficient and eco friendly heating and cooling equipment is growing in popularity and at the center of it all is Victoria BC.  Increasingly, homes have geothermal systems installed and sometimes a homeowner can encounter a system they are not familiar with.  For maintenance, optimization and instructions on operation of your geothermal system, please call us today to have a highly trained and certified technician visit your property for a service call or system inspection.

We offer a full system inspection with detailed checklist:

✓Check source temperature in

✓Check source temperature out

✓Record source delta T

✓Check load temperature in

✓Check load temperature out

✓Record load delta T

✓Check compressor amps

✓Check compressor bearings

✓Check contactor

✓Check capacitor(s)

✓Check blower amps

✓Check blower bearings

✓Check return air temperature

✓Check supply air temperature

✓Check pressure drop/rise across the coil

✓Check operation of all circulation pumps

✓Check operation of Thermostat

✓Check condition of air filter(change out if necessary)

✓Check all wiring for tightness and wear

✓Inspect pipe insulation

✓Check to make sure nothing is rubbing (ie; copper on copper)

✓Check controls and set points

✓Check operation of reversing valve

✓Check system refrigeration pressures(only if their is an issue)

✓Check and record heat of extraction

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