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Is your heat pump system taking too long to heat your home? Do your BC hydro bills seem excessive? Established homeowners and new homeowners even commercial property owners on South Vancouver Island will often encounter a heat pump malfunction, causing unwanted stress.  If routine maintenance has been overlooked something as simple as a dirty filter can cause complete system failure.  Most heat pump manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty on all parts, we can assist with verification and approval for replacement parts, please call us today to verify.

Ground source heat pumps are often found in homes and commercial properties in Victoria BC and on South Vancouver Island.  We can help you identify your make, model and type of heat pump.  We have red seal certified and multi-discipline experienced technicians who can make your system operational and optimize efficiency in a rapid timeframe.  The air in your home will also be cleaner and easier to breath with less instances of illness and fatigue with a routine service and cleaning.  Most heat pumps require annual maintenance to be compliant with a warranty with some even specific to the manufacturer specification, we can help you to identify the required service interval and setup a maintenance plan where we come to you and send reminders of service for continual and stress free operation. Heat pumps are the next generation of heating and cooling with low energy consumption and efficient whole home thermal inversion.  Existing systems that need replacement are one of our areas of specialization and we can verify if it's possible to use existing ducting, inlets and outlets with a quick, no obligation consultation. Contact us to make the switch to a quiet, efficient and comfortable HVAC system today.

Heat pumps continue to evolve and increase in both efficiency and lifespan making them the top choice for replacement of existing HVAC systems.   There incentives and discounts are often available for those who wish to make the switch through FortisBC and other government level programs, contact us to find out if you qualify and when we can stop by for a quotation.  

South Island Mechanical provides skilled heat pump service and repair for South Vancouver Island including the Gulf Islands and with heat pumps increasing in popularity we hope to assist you with all your service, repair and maintenance needs.  We service the area from Sooke, BC all the way to Ladysmith, BC and again we are one of the few contractors who will visit the gulf islands for a service call.  



heat pumps victoria bc

Typical Residential Heat Pump by Tempstar

Our Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist:

✓Check Thermostat operation(batteries removed)

✓Check electrical(tightness & wear)

✓Check blower motor amps

✓Check blower motor shaft & bearings

✓Check blower motor fan wheel(clean, Balanced)

✓Check back-up heating(if electric amps)

✓Check ducting

✓Check filter(change if dirty)

✓Check unit for present errors(if applicable)

✓Check temperature( rise/drop)

✓Check compressor amps

✓Check compressor bearings

✓Check contactor(s)

✓Check capacitor(s)

✓Check operation of reversing valve

✓Check condenser fan motor amps

✓Check condenser fan shaft & bearings

✓Check operating refrigeration pressures

✓Check refrigerant levels through sub-cooling(only when values are given to compare)

✓Check lineset(secure)

✓Check defrost cycle(depends on outdoor temperature)

✓Check defrost pin settings(30, 60, 90)

We Service, Repair and Replace All Manufacturers of Heat Pumps

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