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South Island Mechanical can Honour Your Warranty Regardless of the Make and Model


Is your heat pump system taking too long to heat your home? Do your hydro bills seem excessive? Established homeowners and new homeowners on South Vancouver Island will often encounter a heat pump malfunction, causing unwanted stress.  If routine maintenance has been overlooked something as simple as a dirty filter can cause complete system failure.  Most heat pump manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty on all parts, we can assist with approval for replacement parts, please call us today to verify.

Ground source heat pumps are often found in Victoria BC and on South Vancouver Island.  We can help you identify your make, model and type of heat pump and have technicians who can make your system operational and optimize efficiency in a rapid timeframe.  Most heat pumps require annual maintenance with some even specific to the manufacturer specification, we can help you to identify the required service interval and setup a maintenance plan for continual and stress free operation.



Our Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist:


Condenser fan motor bearings, amps and blade

Reversing valve operation




Defrost control

Outdoor Coil

Operating Pressures


Refrigerant Level

Supply Voltage

Control Voltage

Electric Back Heating

Blower Motor, bearings, amps, wheel

Blower Motor Speed Settings

Indoor Coil

Duct Work

Temperature Drop/Rise

Thermostat Control/Settings


We Service, Repair and Replace All Manufacturers of Heat Pumps

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