Commercial Ice Machine Service Victoria BC

A Top Complaint by Bar and Restaurant Patrons is a Poorly Maintained Ice Machine 

South Island Mechanical can help to keep your customers returning in all location in Victoria and area by using our expertise to solve difficult problems with your ice machine.  We have the experience to diagnose the most challenging of issues and the qualifications to repair.  Improving the water quality of your ice machine will give your customers the confidence in you to return. Routine annual maintenance of your ice machine will prolong function and prevent costly repair. Give us a call to help solve your refrigeration troubles.

Our Refrigeration Service Calls Provide:

Inspection and cleaning of condensing coils

Inspection and cleaning of evaporator coils

Check compressor function

Inspect, clean and replace door seals and hinges

Measure and top up refrigerant levels

Clean fans  and grilles

Check and clean drain lines as needed

Check temperature readouts and program controls

We Service, Repair and Replace All Manufacturers of Refrigeration Equipment

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