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In Floor Heating

Radiant Heating Systems, also known as Radiant floor heating, in floor heating, in floor heat systems or hydronic heating, are all ways to provide heat. They all have a source of heat that is either built in or comes from a fluid circulating through a boiler system. Typically, larger buildings utilize this type of heating but nowadays, this technology is now much more common in single family homes. Heated floors, radiators/registers, swimming pools and driveways all operate with radiant heating principles in mind.

The cost to install in floor heating is coming down.  Whether you wish to have a complete hydronic home heating system or just a heated washroom floor there are many options and price brackets to suit your needs. Overall, home heating costs will be lower and much more even heating will be provided when compared to forced air furnaces or electric baseboard heating call us now for no obligation advice and to book a consultation.

Yes, though depending on the type of system, it may not be designed to heat your room.  Electrical type systems usually don’t provide enough heating value to completely heat the room as well, unless they are tested, rated and state this as their function.  A hydronic system would be designed to heat the room in combination with the floor as more consideration would go into the design, engineering and installation of the system.

For hydronic heating, a price range of $8-$24/ sq. ft. where electric systems will come in at $10-$18/ sq. ft.

No, as long as they are installed and maintained in accordance with manufacturer specification.

Some types of rugs can damage your floor heating system.  Rugs with a thick backing can absorb and hold heat thereby causing hot spots and eventual system failure. Electric floor heat systems are more prone to damage from rugs when compared to hydronic systems because the circulation of fluid will take away the heat from the hot spot and distribute throughout the system. In all cases, check your operating manual or contact us.

Even home heating can be achieved with a hydronic system although much consideration needs to be taken into account during the design, engineering and installation phase of the project to heat a home entirely.  Please contact us for more information.

Hydronic heating systems utilize a boiler, pump and integrated piping to circulate heated fluid.  Heating is achieved through thermodynamics, heat will transfer from warm to cooler objects by this principle.

Hydronic heating is quickly outpacing forced air gas furnaces and electric baseboard heating in terms of efficiency.  When used in combination with a geothermal heat pump efficiency can be very desirable and cost effective.  This is of course when the system is properly serviced and maintained annually or to manufacturer specification.

Upon initial system charge and operation, heating times will vary.  Great care must be taken to ensure that the heating fluid is distributed throughout the system and all air is removed to prevent damage.

At a price range of $8-$24/ sq. ft. hydronic heating is now becoming much more affordable with better technology to provide even, reliable heat.