Does my Boiler need Yearly Service?

5 Reasons to Maintain your Boiler Heating System Victoria

1. Health and Safety - A boiler heating system is a pressurized vessel with attached piping to transport fluid.  If a system is not properly serviced and inspected yearly or more, blockages and leaks can rear their ugly heads.  Not to mention with combustion based systems, exhaust can enter occupied space and cause acute (short-term) illness or even death.  Neglect of your commercial or residential boiler maintenance can easily be avoided by calling a trusted technician with appropriate certifications, licensing and insurance to work on a client site.  If you cannot see who or when your last boiler service or replacement was call us now for no obligation advice and to book a consultation.


2. Offset Replacement Costs - Every heating system has a lifespan, routine maintenance will ensure replacement is held off as long as possible.  Veteran homeowners and building managers prioritize boiler service annually to avoid costly shutdowns and early replacement.  Contact us to have a yearly maintenance plan setup and we will take the stress out of servicing your boiler heating system.


3. Lower Heating Costs - Sometimes it takes money to save money, through monitoring past client heating costs we can say time and time again that annual service pays for itself.  Either lowering your monthly bill or through incentives offered through government or natural gas providers, it's a win/win.

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4. Lower Carbon Footprint - A poorly maintained boiler is a massive consumer of power and fossil fuels.  Efficiency is impacted with incomplete combustion and blockages.  Having your boiler serviced will keep emissions and strain on the power grid lower, leaving something for future generations.


5. Uniform Temperature - With the rapid temperature fluctuations in Victoria a well running boiler will absorb cooling trends making you the envy of your neighbours.  If you notice incomplete heating of your occupied space, contact us to have a qualified technician assess and make recommendations to remedy.

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