Does my Boiler need Yearly Service?

5 Reasons to Maintain your Boiler Heating System Victoria

Does my Boiler need Yearly Service?

5 Reasons to Maintain your Boiler Heating System Victoria

HRAI Certification Explained

When selecting your preferred HVAC contractor, reviewing their certifications and insurance is the first step

One of the crucial certifications to ensure your heating and cooling equipment is in skilled hands when under servicing or repair is HRAI.  Many who are seeking a service or repair contractor are under pressure by a costly outage, we hope to help guide those who are studious researching in advance through in this article.  In combination with a red seal, HRAI certification and appropriate insurances, you can rest easy knowing that due diligence has been completed in your search.    Also, if you are looking for tips to begin a career in HVAC please read on.

What does HRAI stand for?

HRAI stands for the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute.

What is HRAI?

Operational for over 50 years, HRAI is a non-profit trade association in Canada.  There are over 1,150 member companies and many more red seal certified and apprentice tradespeople who use HRAI for various training and certification endeavours.  HRAI is a powerhouse institution in Canada and their logo is easily recognized by the public, their emphasis on environmental protection while completing HVACR projects puts them at the forefront of the industry.

What is an ODP card?

It is an ozone depletion card (ODP), this card is issued to those who want to handle refrigerants in Canada.  Refrigerant management is essential to preventing harmful ozone depleting gases from being released into the atmosphere and also to educate contractors of the harmful effects when humans are exposed.   Anyone who wishes to purchase refrigerants must be ODP certified in Canada.


How do I become ODP certified?

Either by taking an online or in class course offered by many providers in Canada. HRAI offers an online portal through their website which meets federal regulations.  Users who select this option for online learning have up to thirty days to complete the training course and open book exam.  To get the certificate a passing grade of 75% or higher is required.

How do I renew my ozone depletion card?

After five years (Ontario) your ozone depletion card must be renewed.  If the card is renewed before the expiration date, a new certification course and exam are not needed.  There is a grace period of 30 to 60 days if the card holder contacts HRAI and shares their circumstances.  The cost for renewal is $56.60.

How do I become a HVAC technician?

We highly recommend a blend of training, experience and certification courses.  If you have no technical knowledge or hands on experience there are programs to teach participants the basics.  These range from community colleges all the way up to technical institutes.  If you are just starting out at a young age, these are the places to go.    If, however you have some experience but no training credential, there are still opportunities for you to being your HVAC career in the apprenticeship phase.  These types of positions are not readily available but it may be a foot in the door so to speak and get you on your way to a full red seal.


Some HVAC companies are looking for hardworking, committed people and are willing to support them through the learning process.  If you are looking for a start, the first step is a solid resume but above all demonstrating your commitment by knocking on company doors and following up after resume delivery.  Your career may begin changing furnace or other HVAC filters to help familiarize you with the equipment.  If you are interested in this type of work, contacting many HVAC companies to show your enthusiasm may get you an interview.  Remain steadfast and you may very well end up with a position that leads you right through trade school.

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