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SpacePak Installation Victoria BC – The Solution for Heating and Cooling Character Homes

Avoid major demolition in your home with SpacePak’s revolutionary system

Homes in Victoria and South Vancouver Island are in many cases built before 1940.  This is the year where homes constructed are considered character homes and may require additional care as mandated by the municipality they are in. Any alterations to the home can not only take away from the character appeal but may also require authorization from the municipality before work begins. If your character home is experiencing cold spots, drafts or heat pockets resulting in condensate, SpacePak is a solution for you, call us now for no obligation advice and to book a consultation.

Even if your home was constructed after 1940 but is still aging, it could be costly if walls need to be removed or modified to make way for new ductwork.  SpacePak will keep modifications to a minimum and our expert technicians will help you place the unit to prevent demolition or damage to building materials that may contain hazardous materials. The vents can be installed anywhere and there is complete flexibility on the ductwork architecture.  This provides a total home solution which is difficult to outmatch.  If you already have a heat pump in your home and need servicing or repair, see our heat pumps page.

Spacepak outdoor unit configuration


A heating and cooling solution for your home is essential for the vast climate range we experience on South Vancouver Island.  SpacePak’s innovative technology allow you to easily switch between heating and cooling with minimal energy use making those cool fall days and warm spring days no longer a hassle to keep your home comfortable.

In terms of energy efficiency, SpacePak uses an air to water reverse cycle heat pump to keep your utility costs low while also allowing the flexibility to rapidly switch between heating and cooling while blending the air in your home for optimal temperature and humidity. If you would like to learn more about SpacePak please contact us.